Cheap credit without proof: all solutions

We talk about cheap credit without proof when the lender does not require any document to justify the project. It is in no case a credit without proof of income or situation. We will see what types of consumer credit do not imply specifying the purpose of the loan, but above all how to obtain Read More

The cheapest loan offer is only in one bank

Well, everyone does so – you say – looking for the cheapest loan. Cash loan, loan or loan for an apartment. And this is the rational approach of most consumers. When choosing a bank, you’re guided by the principle: find the cheapest loan. This is not a product available on the shelf in the supermarket, Read More

Loan with guarantor despite negative entry

  A plus for a lending is besides the income and the fixed employment the presentation of attachable valuables. The granting criterion prevailing at German banks is the regular and sufficient income in addition to a positive entry. If a loan seeker can not demonstrate this, then usually no loan commitment is made. But if Read More

Loan with guarantee of property

Property Loan Getting credit from a more conventional financial institution is not one of the easiest tasks to do, either because of the bureaucracy involved in the process or because of the guarantees that the big banks ask for. Because of this, applying for a secured property loan can be an alternative for those who Read More

The cheapest cash loan which the bank

The cheapest cash loan which bank to choose? The answer is simple: the cheapest. Get acquainted with bank offers, search for a loan and compare it with other banks’ loan offers. Which bank should I choose? It is best to check the real interest rate (APY) of cash loans and only on the basis of Read More

Can debt consolidation be done by phone only (no interview)?

Is it possible to arrange debt consolidation such as voluntary ordering by telephone only (without interview)? Especially for those who are far away, such as in rural areas and remote islands, there is nothing better to be able to process without interview. In fact, it is obligatory in principle to make an interview with a Read More

Debt Consolidation – Safe 10th or not making even bigger mistake

In situations where the debtor’s property or other valuable assets are threatened (even in the course of execution proceedings – in the course of execution, for example, in an auction), the option of a secure debt consolidation, as the last rescue option, may prevent the sale of the debtor’s property. Debt consolidation – security first Read More