Is it possible to arrange debt consolidation such as voluntary ordering by telephone only (without interview)?

Especially for those who are far away, such as in rural areas and remote islands, there is nothing better to be able to process without interview.

In fact, it is obligatory in principle to make an interview with a lawyer or a judicial scrivener when making debt consolidation procedures.

Here, we will tell you the reason, and we will also tell you how easy it is for the distant people to do the debt consolidation smoothly.

Reasons why debt can not be organized only by phone

Regarding the question of whether debt consolidation or overpayment claims can be made without an interview (telephone only), in Article 3 “Rules governing debt consolidation cases,” the following It is stipulated.

In principle, lawyers should not be asked for debt consolidation cases without meeting with the client (in principle it is necessary to meet with an attorney to make a request).
As a general rule, lawyers who will accept themselves must make an individual interview themselves and hear the circumstances of the client of the case (Regulation Article 3)

In other words, lawyers can not process debt consolidation by telephone alone, and it is obligatory to have an interview .

In the case of a judicial scrivener, the judicial judge society of each prefecture judges whether an interview is essential or not, but basically the story is proceeding with the direction that it will not receive a request without an interview .

The reason for this is that if the debt consolidation procedure is possible only on the phone (without interviews), lawyers and judicial scrivener may run in the direction to do a number anyway in order to make a profit .

Then, it becomes impossible to respond firmly to the circumstances of each client and it will cause trouble.

In addition, it is also important to make an interview, from the point of view of firmly confirming the identity and preventing trouble .

Actually, there are places where law firms respond by telephone, mailing, or e-mail without interviewing, and it seems that the merit is great as much as we can save time and effort.

However, please be aware that asking such law firms may get involved in unexpected troubles .

The dunning phone can not stop unless you have an interview

When requesting a lawyer or a judicial scrivener to arrange for debt adjustment, a notice of acceptance is sent to the creditor, and the dunning and reminder is temporarily stopped.

So, for those who are bothered by collecting money from a lender, I think that it is true that wanting to stop the collection by phone only without having to do an interview if possible.

However, as a rule, at law firms, we can not accept them as a telephone only (without interviews), and we can not stop the call of dunning .

A way to make debt consolidation smooth even for distant people

When debt consolidation, telephone only, if it is said that an interview is essential, some may think that it is better to find a law office closer to where you live.

However, if you are a person living in an area with few law firms, the probability of finding a lawyer or judicial scrivener who is strong in debt consolidation near the house will inevitably drop .

In such a case it is the best way to find a law office that deals nationwide .

If you are a lawyer or a judicial scrivener who is dealing nationwide, it will be easier for people living in the district to process debt consolidation with less burden.

Points to be noted when choosing a nationwide office

There are many nationwide correspondence among law offices that are good at debt consolidation.

However, since there are not so many offices in many offices, we recommend that the office of the office choose a place close to home if possible .

This is because if the client lives far away from the office, travel expenses may be charged separately.

Also, “If you are told that you will receive a request for debt consolidation even if you do not have an interview,” because you will have trouble coming to the office in the distance, you are the one who avoided that office.

On the other hand, some law firms are offering free business trip services so when consulting debt consolidation, please be sure to check the interview procedures and costs.

■ Benefits of offices that are nationwide compliant Lawyers and judicial scrivener who correspond nationwide not only correspond to distant people, but also to specialists who are doing regionally In comparison, there are many places where there are abundant achievements of debt consolidation .

There is also the merit that debt consolidation can be carried out more efficiently accordingly.