In situations where the debtor’s property or other valuable assets are threatened (even in the course of execution proceedings – in the course of execution, for example, in an auction), the option of a secure debt consolidation, as the last rescue option, may prevent the sale of the debtor’s property.

Debt consolidation – security first

Security and maximum transparency (transparency, clarity) is the first in these situations. There are many so-called “credit sharks” on the financial market, who do not complain about the promised help, debt consolidation and the payment of execution, withdraw the debtor even deeper and prepare for the property. Directly for this purpose, different companies are set up!

The necessity of consolidation of debts – in execution almost impossible

Of course, banking institutions are ideal. In a situation where the bankruptcy proceedings are conducted against the debtor, unfortunately, the bank refuses to provide any further loans, loans or debt consolidation. If the help of a family or close neighborhood is not possible in this situation, the debtor has to choose between non-banking institutions. In a situation where enforcement proceedings are already pending against the debtor, these commercial creditors require a loan or loan to be secured by the debtor’s assets. Here is the greatest risk. The secured property can easily come to the debtor if he is not careful when choosing a non-bank loan provider. Some credit shark contracts are built directly to prepare the borrower for his secured property, even in the event of a minor breach of credit conditions! Debt consolidation can end up in a disaster.

Debt Consolidation – Our Options

Our personal experience with non-bank institutions offering property-backed loans is pitiful. Unfortunately, there is a very high risk and a normal person who does not move in this area can very easily close a bad or directly self-destructive credit agreement without first realizing it. That is why we have decided to devote ourselves to this area and offer all prospects the possibility of using safe debt consolidation under our patronage.

We are able to help in this area and provide the client with all the service to achieve the best possible conditions, a fair consolidation / credit provider and, above all, maximum transparency. We have specific safe non-banking institutions selected, yet we never neglect to review in detail each contract our client closes (we know this area, risks and legal loopholes – we trust, but rather we check) and thanks to our original tactics, we can secure the lowest possible interest. We can not only protect our clients but save their time and money!

Debt Consolidation – Safe Ten

Even if you decide not to use our unique service, we offer you the following ten basic tips to help you get to know the “fair” credit service provider and not to hire the fraudsters.

Safe ten-year debt consolidation, re-credit, and property-backed loans

  • Do not collect any fees in advance.
  • Acceptable interest rate and APRC (annual percentage rate of charge).
  • Credit agreements must be clear, clear, understandable, and above all without arbitration clauses or legal loopholes.
  • For secured loans the establishment of only lien, no pre-emptive rights or easements.
  • Real estate must remain the property of the client – no reinsurance transfer of the property.
  • Terms and conditions must be given in advance.
  • Credit agreements should at least be broadly in line with the new consumer credit law (withdrawal, the RPSN in the contract, the quantification of all costs, etc.).
  • It is not allowed to use blank blanks, all documents must be final and final, without the possibility of writing or crediting data to one of the parties.
  • It must not contain unequal conditions for the parties, especially disproportionate fines and penalties in case of late payment by the debtor.
  • Be careful of too much pressure. Pressure on personal meetings, pressure on quick signing of the contract, evasion of the applicant’s attention during documentation check, these are the basic cognitive features of the wrong choice! In these matters, peace, time for reflection and maximum transparency must be the first!

We hope that you will no longer pose any danger to debt consolidation with property insurance.